Rolling out.

Eiron Page here, beginning yet another bjournal (I prefer to keep a web journal), the one which pretty much promises to be my last. If I can’t keep this one then there’s no hope for me and I should admit it to myself that I am not a writer and stop trying.

So, I’ve had this thing sitting about empty a little while waiting for me to write something. I’ve wanted to move here because Old Fridges Can Kill is a name I’ve been using for a while as a catch-all for my various projects (I call it my ‘production company’, even though it’s only me and I’m not all that productive at the best of times). Casting the Net will continue to be (or, at least, will resume being) my podcast on netlabels, though I may begin hosting it on the Internet Archive if I am able, but writing here will give me a little more freedom to explore other things, write about what interests me generally, waffle on about things going on in my life and point out things around the Internet that have captured my attention. I shall, much of the time, also endeavour to perform a task, selected via my own unique method from a database compiled from various books. I have made an effort to do the first of these to the best of my ability tonight: Ride Steel Dragon 2000, one of the world’s largest rollercoasters.

Now, I’ve never been a rollercoaster type of guy. I think I was put on one as a kid and it pretty much traumatised me for the rest of my life. At best I can go on those log flume rides, so long as they’re not too big, but that’s about it for me. I’ve been to theme parks a few times and simply wandered about taking it all in, without going on a single ride. I think it’s something about not being totally in control of my environment. At least, not enough that I can get out when I want (I’m not a complete control freak, but I do like an exit plan). Some people find it exhilerating. I find it quite unsettling. And not, as somebody who doesn’t mind being unsettled time to time, in a good way. Besides all of which, I occasionally get vertiginous simply looking up.

Happily for me, the chances of my getting to Japan this weekend to ride the thing myself were slim enough for me not to make a conscious effort to hurry over there, though maybe eventually I’ll bite the bullet and do it. Or die trying. One minute of potential terror should make for some wonderfully euphoric sense of having narrowly avoided death when (read: if) I do eventually walk away at the end or have my legs buckle in the attempt. So I found the best video I could of the ride from a POV perspective on YouTube. Below is that video:

In the days and weeks coming I shall make an effort to write up some reviews on album I’ve received over the past few months, as well as some other bits of writing I’ve been meaning to do, and get podcasting again. I will also try to do these little tasks, possibly even a bit more convincingly than this one, but it’s not bad for a first.


One Response to Rolling out.

  1. Lys says:

    Haha! At least you think of an escape plan before going on rides like these! I have once been on a rollercoaster with a freefall such as this one and I totally lost control over myself trying to get myself out… it was terrible!

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