One week since you looked at me…

NUS PhotoThe irony, of course, is the more time you spend doing exciting things to make for exciting bjournal entries, the less time you have to actually write them. Happily for you, the reader, I have been busy this past week but not with particularly exciting things so you’ve not missed out on much. Before we talk about the tasking efforts of the past few days I should mention my new radio show on URY (University Radio York), beginning tonight at 11pm (GMT). My plan is to avoid the usual radio fare (which will not be too hard given I don’t actually know what the usual radio fare is) and, hopefully, play some things that are wholly unfamiliar to the audience. I have a couple features prepared, though more will certainly follow as the weeks go on. I would prefer to have a co-host, to be honest, but I’ve done radio shows and podcasts before without one, so it’s really a matter of getting back into the swing of it. Mostly, it’s nerves I reckon, which should be overcome during this first show. And I do know through experience that good preparation means the show is 90-99% done before you even get started.

The new Benrik book was released recently. A best of collection of the best tasks from all their books as selected by their readers, it’s a good place to start with life change. Plus, I am in it as both a contributor and, in form of actual photographic evidence, as one of the best of Benrik readers. This is a more ordered approach than my own, which has this past week seen me trying to have too much of a good thing, giving up shaving and pondering loafers.

The first of these tasks seems simple enough on paper to most, I’d imagine. The specific thing of which I was to have too much was alcohol, which they equated to 17 beers. I bought 18, giving one to the housemate who leant me his evil jester costume to wear into town last Tuesday, and got stuck in as early as possible on my mid-week rest day, figuring an endurance challenge would be better than trying to go at speed. In roughly six hours of trying, I managed only eight, not even crossing over the halfway threshold. I’ve never been much of a drinker (before getting to university I hadn’t had a drink for about three years), so it’s possibly understandable, but it does mean I am keeping up my pitiful rate of success.

Not shaving is something that will apparently draw attention to yourself. This is a fine theory when not at university where it seems most of the men are too lazy to do it even as much as once a week. As the task fell at the start of the month, a few of us in the house agreed to do the Movember thing (albeit not for charity, but if any of you do wish to make a donation, you can do so to the charity of your choice). A “before” image of sorts is above, a picture taken for my NUS Extra card; another photograph marking the “after” stage will be posted at the end of the month. I’m not really a hairy person, so don’t expect too much.

Finally, for the time being, I was told to wear loafers (or to come to terms with the fact that I never will). I thought about going out and buying a pair, as they’re easier to slip on than my current shoes and I don’t like walking around the house with nothing on my feet, such is the nature of student living. My physiotherapist actually wants me to invest in a pair of shoes as the hightop sneakers I am currently employing offer little support, but she suggests running shoes. I wanted some running shoes anyhow, so shall head into town on the weekend and get some. I have worn loafers in the past, so I can consider this a task done.

I am hoping for something a little more unusual to do, that might actually require a small (but not so small as this) amount of effort on my part, but for the moment I have plenty enough work to be doing. And that radio show, of course. My understanding is you can play shows back that you have missed, so I would be delighted if I had some listeners, even retrospectively.

Addendum: I can’t pick my next task at the minute as my computer is completely absorbed in ripping one of my oldest CDs. This one has grown a little tired, so I’ve got a programme fixing all the frames that haven’t come out quite right as it rips them, one by one. So far it’s taken almost 41 hours to rip and it’s working on the 11th track of 20.


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