Overdue Reviews, Part 3: Dearling Physique – Deadeye Dealer

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The second half of the latest overdue reviews attack brings us to Dearling Physique, of whom I would give a little background if it weren’t shrouded in mystery. What we know is that they were founded by the artist known as Domino, who performed solo from 2005 through 2007, before joining with guitarist Matt Vannelli and releasing 2009’s Impressions of the Night EP (available from the link below) in 2009. Drummer Dave Sellner and keyboardist Sean O’Hea were also added to the band in 2009, to create the lineup responsible for Deadeye Dealer, released in January of this year.

Unhelpfully, perhaps, my first point of comparison was with Belgian three-piece Lorraine/Blackroom (their name changed from the former to the latter before the release of 2009’s Pop Noir), but I suspect similar influences; namely Depeche Mode, New Order and similar. Dearling Physique, however, do not declare their influences so explicitly and, if they can be said to do so at all, they take on the darker elements of these bands, injecting their electronic pop with a heavy dose of industrial rock, resulting in an excellent blend that is complex enough to keep me coming back for more yet simple (or, at least, unpretentious) enough to hook me early with each repeat visit.

Plenty of free samples, including the full Impressions of the Night EP are available on the band’s media page. Below is the video for lead-off single Discipline Your Hands:

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Overdue Reviews, Part 2: Wake Up Lucid – Sugar EP

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This year I have begun trialling a way to keep more on top of things and get done the things that need doing (though at the same time I’ve also created a way of giving myself more to do, so it’s not quite working out quite as it perhaps should). This means that I’m here, doing some writing for this oft-neglected bjournal of mine. This should be the first of two overdue reviews I hope to have penned by the end of today and concerns the garage blues of L.A.-based Wake Up Lucid’s debut EP, Sugar.

The easiest comparisons, and your likeliest first thoughts upon hearing them, are with The White Stripes. This isn’t quite fair on Wake Up Lucid who, whilst playing a raw, gritty sort of rock ‘n’ roll blues, have as much to offer the genre as they have taken from it, but if the comparison were to be made, then you could say that if The White Stripes have dropped the torch, then Wake Up Lucid have picked it up and really run with it.

Their sound is rough, but with a seeming natural polish that comes from having forged a tight-knit music powerhouse. Indeed, Wake Up Lucid are a family ensemble, Ryan Baca leading on vocals and guitars with his cousins Ian Baca on bass and Jamie Baca on drums whose apparent closeness and inherent knowledge of each other’s musical direction lends itself to their art. All-in-all Sugar is a great little taster that will leave you hungry for more.

Wake Up Lucid are giving away the title track from their Sugar EP on their website (check the right-hand sidebar). Those in or around L.A. can see them free at their residency at Silverlake Lounge on Mondays through April.

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