Review: The Shimmies – For All Beloved Enemies

The last album on my current pile of material for review also comes with its own genre for consideration, namely “home school rock”. Brothers Sean and Jimmy Galloway, whose names combine to form that of their “maturing” childhood project, The Shimmies, coined the genre as a result of their own philosophy of developing a musical sound without the intervention of the opinions of one’s peers, which too often play the majority share in the forging of the artistic mindscape. Growing together and working on their sound from children, Sean and Jimmy founded The Shimmies as an acoustic duo, later plugging in and adding their younger brother Stephen on bass and long-time friend Jack Gingerich on drums in the process.

That is a very basic background, which I shall halt there in favour of getting on with the briefest of reviews, as I am completed worded out this week (besides which, the album has been out a full year; I write this before they head out on a US tour). This is an accomplished album both in terms of lyrics and arrangement; it will take a few repeat listens to take everything from it (the spot-on harmonies, the skillful weaving of complex melodies, the lyrical poetry throughout every track), but each is an absolute pleasure.

I could wax on, but instead, given the hour, I shall let the music speak for itself here with the official video for their first single, Judas, and a stream/download of Friendly Fire.

The Shimmies – Friendly Fire by fanaticpro

Besides the above, a generous smattering of free samples is available direct from The Shimmies’ official website.

Purchase: Amazon UK (MP3) | US (MP3)


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