Review: Colin L. Orchestra – Infinite Ease/Good God

According to the blurb, Colin Langenus’ Colin L. Orchestra spent three years working on this double album, his first project following on from his work with duo USAISAMONSTER. Infinite Ease/Good God is a sweeping epic of guitar-led country-influenced rock (again with an urban bent, as hinted by the album cover), which taps into a variety of styles along the way, although each album has its own definitive sound. Infinite Ease is my favourite of the two, being the more maudlin and introspective counterpart to the largely upbeat and lively Good GodInfinite Ease has the feel of a jam album; repeated motifs and long instrumental sections are very much the order here. The first four tracks flow into each other, making for a solid twenty-minute block of sound. Hold Tite and Best Thing, the final two tracks on this disc, are nine and ten minutes in length respectively. Good God, on the other hand, is a ten-track assortment of ‘poppier’ punches, with Dreams My Only Friend being the only track to significantly push outside of the four-(and-a-half-)minute envelope.

Whilst I loved the first disc I was initially hesitant over the second, though I have found this has grown on me with repeat listens. However, whilst I can confess that for me I feel that Infinite Ease shall see the greatest number of virtual spins in my music player, it is not to say Good God does not deserve attention. All in all, each is a solid album in its own right and you would not feel cheated were each released separately. Having both packaged together gives the feeling of a project really pushing out to explore its potential. The result is that there is something here for all to enjoy.

Nothing to Say, from Good God, can be streamed and downloaded from Free Music Archive. Videos for You Need Sleep and Smoking, opening tracks of Infinite Ease and Good God respectively, follow:


Colin L. Orchestra’s Infinite Ease/Good God is available as a double CD or a vinyl LP containing Infinite Ease with a digital download of Good God from Northern-Spy Records, and via these Amazon links.

Purchase: Amazon UK | US


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