Review: Hubble – Hubble Drums

Hubble Drums is clearly born of a great deal of experience with live adaptation and experimentation. The solo project of guitarist Ben Greenberg (of Zs, whose 33 is due for review here shortly), it showcases his ability to harness nothing more than his virtuoso abilities and a loop pedal [EDIT: apparently not; see comments] to create dense, swirling sonic soundscapes. The three tracks each seem to stem from a core motif which is expanded on and explored, owing more to minimalist compositional techniques than simple riffing, each filling the space with a tremendous, near-unrelenting energy.

It is better – to say nothing of how much easier it is for me – to allow you to experience this first-hand, so see below Greenberg performing as Hubble live on a New York rooftop.

HUBBLE from teresa eggers on Vimeo.

Hubble Drums is available from Northern-Spy Records on November 8.


2 Responses to Review: Hubble – Hubble Drums

  1. hubble says:

    no looping! only shredding

  2. Eiron says:

    No looping at all? Then I am all the more impressed. I read the reviews on the Northern-Spy page and watched the video carefully before writing about the loop station, but if this is incorrect then of course I shall amend the above.

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