Review: Harold’s Leap – Too Much Time

Friday, January 20, 2012

So, that whole festive period is out of the way, which for me meant revision for a week of exams rather than much in the way of rest and recuperation. Subsequently, this is the first opportunity for quite a while to write anything here. Top of my pile for (overdue – they pretty much all are at this point) review is Harold’s Leap’s Too Much Time, which brings about the issue of how to review an album by the band of somebody you consider a friend (Tim Young, whose voice can often be heard along with mine – and many good others – over at his Contrast Podcast).

Besides Tim Young, who here sings and plays the guitar, are Chris Llewellyn on guitar, Tom Lusty on bass and backing vocals and Nick Richardson on drums who have written and recorded together in London over a rather extensive period that culminated with the album release through Constitution Records in 2011.

I am not sure how others might do it, but I have come to the conclusion that anything I write would be unavoidably affected by this connection. I will content myself with the following brief Tweet-sized recommendation:

“This album is excellent; if the weaving of the smart lyrics of a keenly aware contemporary poet over catchy guitar hooks with a pop sensibility sounds the sort of thing you might enjoy, then you should check it out.”

Checking it out can be done via the usual routes: Amazon | iTunes | cdbaby | eMusic

You can also sample the album over on their Facebook page.