Overdue Review: Peelander-Z – Super DX Hitz

It is hard to know how to describe Peelander-Z except by using their own terminology. A “Japanese Action Comic Punk Band”, they have remained unparalleled since they exploded into being in 1999 in New York City (where else?), with only one significant line-up change (in 2008, when Peelander-Blue was replaced with Peelander-Green on “drums and smiles”).

I can offer but one improvement to their tag, which would be that rather than the label of “band”, they might be better described as an experience. They have created a story around themselves: that their costumes (Peelander-Yellow and Peelander-Red are the remaining performing members, although they are sometimes assisted by a Peelander-Pink) are their own skin and that they come from the Z area of the planet Peelander, which does not seem altogether too far-fetched. They encourage active audience participation at their shows (which anybody who has witnessed one would testify is always insanely energetic); this can range from karaoke contests (a step above the usual getting the audience to join in on the choruses), to limbo dancing and human bowling. That this energy transfers to their studio recordings is near-immediately apparent when you see your one-hour musical programme consists of 28 tracks.

These 28 tracks represent a decent cross-section of their first five albums and is a great introduction to an exciting band who are soon to be jetting off on a Spring tour to promote their new album, Space Vacation, due out early next month on Chicken Ranch records.

Peelander-Z: Official site (where you can find a few MP3s and a host of videos, including the one above).

Purchase: Chicken Ranch Records || Amazon UK (MP3) | US (MP3)


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