Review: Jooklo Duo – The Warrior

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jooklo Duo are Virginia Genta on tenor and soprano sax and clarinet and David Vanzan on drums, who perform what is termed “fire music”. As fire, this music seems to consume all in its path. It is unrelenting and each side of this now unavailable 7″ (digital downloads are still available) could not be more appropriately titled. Primitive Power opens with Genta’s wailing saxophone, which, though calling out for a response, seems in itself enough to occupy the senses, before Vanzan answers the call and all hell breaks loose. The two sides culminate in a little under ten minutes of live performance, which packs enough energy in it to fill an ordinary LP. Each side ends abruptly but for the crash of a cymbal that seems to indicate that this energy is restrained only by the limitations of the medium onto which it has been recorded.

Jooklo Duo are currently on tour in Europe. They are performing tonight in Germany, before doing a tour of Italy. Below is an example of a what at first seems a more restrained live performance, but gives an indication of what you might expect of a live show.

Jooklo Duo: Official site (where more samples are available for streaming).

Purchase: Northern-Spy Records